Lauren Vercoe Yoga 30min & 60min sessions


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Lauren Vercoe takes you through these transformational 30 and 60 minute Power Flow Yoga Classes.

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Product Description

Join Lauren Vercoe as she guides you through her unique style of yoga where heat is built quickly and know that within moments she will move your heart, body and mind through an array of sequences and poses in her uplifting Power Flow classes.

Power Flow Yoga will:

  • tone your body
  • strengthen your core
  • lengthen your muscles
  • relieve your stress
  • improve sleep
  • increase your overall sense of wellbeing


Lauren’s Power Flow Yoga is a dynamic, flowing and energetic which incorporates flowing ‘Vinyasa’ sequencing. It allows beginners, intermediate and advanced students to be challenged in the same class. It also blends and incorporates some of the Vinyasa sequencing and strength building aspects of other similar styles of yoga, the finer adjustments, alignments and the usage of blocks and straps from Iyengar yoga and the classic postures from Hatha Yoga culminating in a beautiful flowing form of yoga.

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