In the Beginning…

And so it begins. RAW LENS MEDIA. An Empire. A Revolution. A……

OK so it’s just me with a camera producing media to the very best of my ability – but I’m excited nonetheless.

RAW LENS MEDIA is not yet 1 year old but is already proving to be the best life choice I have ever made.

We’re off and racing in 2015 and I wanted to take the opportunity in this first blog post to thank those who have really helped RAW LENS MEDIA thus far.

Thank-you so much Jeremy Rawlins, Pete & Tessa Lewis, Glenn & Cass Austin, Garrath Getley & Mary Hartberg, Pete & Steve Thynne, Paul Thynne, Phil Dickinson, Courtney Akrigg,  Jimmy & Mary Cupper, Rod & Lauren McMillan (and their families), Anna Holmberg, Matt Inglis, Chris Bird, Adam & Leah Rassam, Will & Holly Johnson, Aaron & Khayt Williams (Mindstar), Matt & Lexi Kelly, Barry & Lisa O’Brien, Dave Beasley, Shaun Levings & John Finlay (World Surfaris), Alec & Candice McMaster, Ryan and Bianca DeVisser, Aaron & Jadie Clarke, Ally & Wiggo, Paully & Shell, Paul & Lauren Vercoe (Zenko Yoga), Patrick Clarke (Official) Jo Barker and of course my beautiful family, friends and all those I’ve worked with. I really appreciate it.

What is “The Dripping Tap”???

When I travelled through Europe a few years back I created a blog called ‘The Dripping Tap’ – A bit of a metaphor I suppose for digital posts/content slowly dripping into cyber space. It was a blog comprised mostly of short nostalgic video clips of my meanderings across the globe. Every now and again I get asked about it and now I have a fully fledged website up and running I thought HEY let’s bring it back! So back by not-so-popular demand I bring you – The Dripping Tap (II):  A place in this crowded internet room where you might be able to escape briefly to a tropical island, picture yourself surfing or in downward facing dog or maybe you just feel like a change up from Instagram and Facebook and want some REAL insight… You’ll get it all here irregularly.

Thanks for stopping by.



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