It all started on a Skype call in 2010.

On one screen my brother in London, on the other me – a 23 year old Tom Rawlins sitting on a Sunshine Coast balcony.

Starting my career in Television – writing, producing, directing, shooting and editing TV commercials I was looking for a change of pace.
More and more videos were bubbling to the surface of websites and social media and I could feel a sway in the way people wanted to watch content.

My brother said “Let’s start a video production company! We’ll call it RAW LENS MEDIA!” (If it hasn’t already clicked my surname is Rawlins… RAW LENS… Camera Lens… Yeh ok now you get it…Yes I used the word clicked at the beginning of this explanation. I like puns.) I laughed and thought the name was corny. I still do… But it stuck.

The seed was planted and over the next few years I honed my producing, filming and photography skills all over Europe.
As a freelance cameraman I found myself filming Gwyneth Paltrow for London Fashion week, following the Olympic Torch around the UK for a Coca Cola campaign and capturing Elle Macpherson on set for Walkers crisps – It was a wild time and one I won’t forget!

On my return to Australia in 2013 I was keen to keep the dream alive so I finally started RAW LENS MEDIA CO. back on the beautiful Sunshine Coast.

Not once have I looked back. I am so incredibly grateful to have met the people I have along this journey and love what I do every day.

I really look forward to meeting you and creating something special.

Tom Rawlins / Founder and Owner